Skating Party Celebrates New East Anchorage Park

Gambar terkaitIce skaters filled the new skating strip at Chanshtnu Muldoon Park on Monday evening, festivity the close finishing of the recreation center’s first period of development. It’s a recreation center a long time really taking shape, said previous Northeast Community Council Member Ainslie Phillips.

“It was my fantasy in 1997,” Phillips said Monday after she slide around the oval as Don Wood pushed her walker. She said she recalls when the land, only southeast of the convergence of Debarr Road and Muldoon Road, pulled in waste and wrongdoing. She imagined a place where children could associate with being outside.

“This fair warms my heart to see my blessing from heaven on Martin Luther King Day,” she said.

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On Monday, many ice skaters joined numerous UAA hockey players for a delicate opening occasion. In a short diversion Monday, the Seawolves isolated into groups and endeavored to score at either end of the novel surface, which is C-formed with circles at the two closures. Subsequently, people in general went along with them on the ice.

Watch the Seawolves in real life and catch wind of what’s coming to Chanshtnu Muldoon Park from organizer Kristi Wood in this video.

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