Party With a Polar Bear

Hasil gambar untuk Alaska Zoo polar bear partySaturday was booked to be Ahpun the polar bear’s birthday party at the Alaska Zoo, yet rather the general population recollected the bear’s life. A staple at the zoo for right around two decades, Ahpun suddenly passed on not long ago. There were shading stations and shows at the occasion, and also a slide appear and a closeout of unique specialty of Ahpun.

Pat Lampi, the zoo’s official executive, said the response from guests has been sincere.

“Giving their all the best, (recalling) the first occasion when they went to the zoo and saw Ahpun or uncommon recollections of them, bringing their children or going to families over here,” Lampi said. “It’s pleasant sharing all the great stories and hearing all the great things she improved the situation individuals.”

Qannik gets unsweetened Koolaid to be healthy, not because she’s watching her shape. Speaking of, though, she has gained an impressive amount since coming to Louisville in mid-2011 — up to 521 pounds, from just 63 that June. (We think she looks great.)


Ahpun touched base at the zoo as a vagrant whelp in 1998, after an angler shot the bear’s mom in self-preservation. The zoo’s male polar bear, Louie, stays at the O’Malley Road office.

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Keepers have also been busy wrapping a number of gifts. Don’t tell Qannik, but she can expect some new enrichment toys, like a large green ring made of durable plastic and an irregular block, among others.

The keepers are wrapping the gifts in butcher paper and are using corn syrup to seal it, instead of tape or glue. She’s naturally curious enough to sniff out the toys and unwrap them herself. No one will have to show her where the ice treats are!

Her birthday cake will be made of Rice Krispies, peanut butter and a few surprises, keepers said. She’s been into more savory, bland flavors lately, they said. And meatballs. She loves her meatballs.

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