Fur Rondy Snow Sculptures 2018 Award Winning

The victors of the current year’s Fur Rendezvous Alaska State Snow Sculpting Championships were reported Sunday on a shimmering icy and splendid day at Anchorage’s Ship Creek. Among the champs were some veteran snow stone carvers and also newcomers.

First Place

Veteran group AK Awesome took ahead of everyone else for their fragile, point by point figure of what the gathering said is a “watchman holy messenger.” The respect accompanies an outing to the U.S. National Snow Sculpting Championships in Minnesota. The three-man group initially thought of the watchman blessed messenger idea years back.

Second Place

First place winner Jesse Mellor’s wife, daughter and brother formed a team they called “Mars & The Snow Slayers,” competing for the first time in the general three-person group category — and won second place. The design — a wolf in a hollowed-out tree trunk, with a star behind it — came from a drawing by 14-year-old Marleigh Mellor.

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Third Place

The group known as Alaska Department of Snow group was close by when grants were reported yet left before long. A significant number of the gatherings work during that time and go home to rest, said Kevin Young of Fur Rendezvous.

The group was naturally over from contending at the U.S. National Snow Sculpting Competition in Wisconsin, where they put second, as indicated by part Paul Hanis. Their figure delineated a finished, point by point owl striking at its rabbit prey.


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