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WhatsApp emissary is good to go to present a large group of new highlights like unique mark lock, sequential voice messages and 3D contact activity for Status in 2019. In front of general races, WhatsApp has effectively declared the new gathering protection highlight to control the deceptive data from circulating around the web. WhatsApp has more than 22 crore clients in India and it is right now the greatest market internationally for the visit application. It is, along these lines, no big surprise that WhatsApp is making a decent attempt to bring new highlights at regular intervals.

Here’s a snappy look over a portion of the highlights that we need WhatsApp to present in 2019:

  • Dim Mode: Dark Mode for WhatsApp has been a hotly anticipated component of the Facebook possessed informing application. The bits of gossip for this element have been doing rounds for long. The element that has been a work in progress could before long be divulged 2019. There are a few bit of leeway of having a ‘dim mode’ other than it being simpler on the eyes and offering striking new look. It likewise spares battery of your gadget, particularly the ones having OLED shows.
  • 3D Touch to check WhatsApp status: This would be an iPhone select component that will permit Apple iPhone clients to check their WhatsApp status with the gadget’s 3D contact without sending a read receipt message to the individual whose story you were furtively taking a gander at.
  • WhatsApp unique finger impression verification: The WhatsApp finger impression validation highlight will include an additional layer of security as WhatsApp clients should confirm themselves each time they open the application in future. The new authorisation technique will make the outsider locking applications, which were well known, excess.
  • Back to back voice messages: The sequential voice message highlight is accessible as a piece of WhatsApp Beta for Android 2.19.86. The element will enable the client to consequently play voice messages on the off chance that they are sent in a grouping. After the finish of the principal voice message, WhatsApp will tell the client with a sound. Following the sound it will play the following voice message. In the middle of, the client doesn’t need to make any move.
  • Positioning of contacts: WhatsApp could before long take off contacts positioning framework for the Android. The component will consequently positions contacts by identifying “which reaches you communicate with additional”.

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