Whatsapp Updates Coming to Chat App in 2019

WhatsApp has not quit refreshing its application with new includes in 2019. The visit application as of late purchased new highlights like unique finger impression confirmation and persistent voice messages for its clients and is relied upon to further refresh its application, which will separate it from its rivals. There have been bits of gossip about the dim mode and alter media include for long however that is not all and the Facebook-claimed organization is hoping to make its application increasingly natural.

Highlights that WhatsApp fans need in 2019 :

  1. Boomerang for WhatsApp: Facebook is known to pick highlights from its very own applications and make them generally accessible. It began with Stories amd now WhatsApp is good to go to get Boomerang highlight of Instagram. The component will enable clients to play a video in circle. It will be accessible in the Video Type board alongside the proselyte to GIF highlight.
  2. Dim Mode: WhatsApp has been discussing the presenting the dim mode since mid-2018, in any case, a deferral in the dispatch has made the visit application fans anxious. Facebook’s Messenger application as of now has the dull mode and WhatsApp could before long get the element. Other than looking great, the new mode will make talking simpler on the clients’ eyes during the evening and will likewise spare battery.
  3. Positioning of contacts on WhatsApp: The new contact positioning element in WhatsApp has been in talks for quite a long time and vows to consequently rank contacts by recognizing, which contacts clients collaborate the most. The positioning element will make it simpler for individuals to locate their most-reached companions.
  4. Offer WhatsApp Status to Facebook: The new component will be an initial move towards the combination of WhatsApp with the parent Facebook. In future, the clients of WhatsApp will most likely share their WhatsApp status posts on Facebook and Instagram. The exchange of the status is made utilizing the information sharing API utilized by iOS and Android. The API gives clients a chance to share content without connecting the records.
  5. Voice message sees in notice: WhatsApp permits review of photographs and recordings in the notice yet does not permit it for the voice messages. Be that as it may, the visit application is currently intending to enable its clients to see voice messages.

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